Dan Mayers
I love stories about people with strong character and personality as much as photographing objects with a strong heritage in quality design and manufacturing. When both of these things come together in a story or image I feel the resulting images are what make me proud of what I do. Photography is an amazing medium where the only limits are really tests for your creativity and vision. I tend to photograph with a story in my head about the time of day or an interesting detail I have just learned. Telling stories, whether they are about the scars of hard work or the efforts, skills and machines used to make a lasting product is what inspires me. Working on location requires resourcefulness and a problem solving abilities which I have honed for years. Clients come to rely on these abilities I have to create the solutions to their photographic needs and bring back great images. From conception the creative process is a collaboration, a team effort. Working as a team with the clients and their creatives has always been the formula for success. Story telling through lighting and set design are the foundation for creating images about the brand strength and identity. I look forward to the challenges of each shoot as opportunities to lean and explore through my lens.